Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why "Undercover Spender"?

That's simple: an undercover spender is exactly what I am. I love to spend money. Well, sometimes it's actually spending money. More times than not, it is pulling out a credit card. Shameful, I know. So I'm going undercover. I'm playing the part of a miser. A scrooge. I am not the type of person who thinks through purchases or thinks about ways to buy it for less, ways to make it myself, or gasp! do without it. But my going undercover is the only way that we will pay off our debt. Currently, the debt we want to attack is a Lowe's bill, a bill for our new washer/dryer (front loaders, HE...spender, remember?) and a second mortgage on our home that we took out when we bought it (lesson learned: don't buy too much house).

My undercover operation begins today! Gulp.

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